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From The Diaries of A Butterfly

CHAPTER 1: (From the Cocoon into A Butterfly) When I first emerged into life I thought I would have a whole beautiful world to discover. I thought that I can … Continue reading

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The Butterfly that Flapped in Syria

The flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly many weeks earlier in Brasilia had erupted a tornado in Manila. This is only a metaphor of course to explain the … Continue reading

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Tic-Tac-Toe: Your Guide to Be Best Player in Life

Two things that can differentiate one culture from another: the games invented by men, and the food dishes invented by women. But of all inventions the mankind experienced, since its … Continue reading

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Ctrl + Alt + Del

Have you ever felt that there exist two separate worlds living next to each other inside you, and that you keep bouncing between them relentlessly at the same time? That … Continue reading

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The Ice Breaker: My First Public Speeking Project at the Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters is an International nonprofit organization under which hundred of thousands of community public speaking clubs operate all over the globe . I joined one Dubai club at the invitation … Continue reading

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نصائح سياحية لزيارة اسطنبول

سنة عن سنة لا يخف ألقها، ولا يخفت بريقها بالنسبة لي . طبيعة خلابة من غير خمول أو برود أو وحشة. مدنية عصرية وشبكة حديثة من غير تكلف أو تخطي … Continue reading

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أطفالنا وبوابات المستقبل

“لازم تدرس باجتهاد وما ترفع راسك عن الكتاب حتى تصير مهندس أو دكتور وتبيض وشنا”. عبارة مألوفة لدى كثير من الأطفال في أغلب البيوت. مشهد معتاد أن ينهر الآباء أطفالهم … Continue reading

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