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Coordinating like Bird Flocks

Having been part of many teams and groups, I can say that the one style of cooperation and coordination I enjoyed and do enjoy the most is the one that is similar to bird flocking. There is no one sole all-righteous commander who knows it all while the rest are just followers. There is no by-the-book instruction system. Birds are not chained to one another. They are not tightly-coupled to one another. Each one minds his own path. No one competes to throw the other out or claim the commanding seat.


They just fly freely. FREELY, yet they do it. They reach their destination -all of them- successfully.  They succeed to do so because they all share same set of rules. Three simple and common sense rules they do share that make each one of them mind and accordingly adjust the separation distance, alignment, and positioning based on its direct neighbors. Each one knows when to speed up and when to slow down. And when someone’s steps are more tuned it can smoothly proceed to the center to have greater influence for the whole flock to be more aligned and in harmony.

The assumption is of course that those birds have to be of the same feather!
This is a fascinating model of how intelligent autonomy at the micro level result in harmony in the macro level (sounds academic I feel but that was the first time I learnt about it, in  some AI course at college..)


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