Free to Dream..Free to Live..Free to Express..Free to Blossom

The Challenge of Finding Happiness

 We live in a tough world that demands achievements, celebrates the successful, respects the powerful. A changing and dynamic world that selects the fittest. Where the cries of the weak, poor, or defeated may go unanswered. A tough world where self-interests may collide and the rules of the winner prevail. A world that require you to be competent, resilient, bold, aggressive, resourceful, hungry for opportunities, know how to hunt them, defend them, and sustain them by being  well-equipped to stand for your rights, be among the fittest, and protect your back from the sick, greedy, and abusers. At work you need to be that serious, fast, focused, determined, alert, and bold!


We live in a beautiful world full of beauties that one can only sense if he cleared the inner mirror a little bit more and let the fresh breezes in. The beauty of spreading and receiving peace, passion, love, sympathy, dreams, giving, hope, arts, music is unmatchable. It takes you to lofty skies of inner peace, gratitude, and eternal content.

We live in an alluring world full of luxuries and delicacies. It is an amazing feeling to indulge and pamper one’s self and experience the upbeat mood.

For the first time in history we experience this unique mix in such an intensity. Hundreds of approaches were devised across history by people who wanted to take revenge of a cold unfair world by devising aggressive and radical ideologies, waging wars, and starting revolutions. Other people devised ways so that they live in peace inside their noise-free retreats. Others want to earn enough money so that life turns into a never-ending weekend party..

The challenge of happiness today is to lead a balanced life that mixes all three Imagine, Make, and Enjoy!

It is a pity to come and go without experiencing the 3D essence of living!

That is why I chose “Imagine.Make.Enjoy” as the motto for my startup The Garage Kids.


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