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A Tall Tale: The Wizardpreneur

This is the age of technology, innovation, and bright ideas. It’s time to think big, think differently, and let the local magic go global. Young generation should be driven by the huge advancements in the World Wiz Web to innovate new solutions. And who knows you might be the next Scare Wobz of the famous bitten pumpkin.

Ah. Reading and hearing those words just let my blue blood boil with excitement. I want to be one of those innovative wizardpreneurs. I want to be my own boss. I no more stand working for this stupid management with their outdated ways. For God’s sake, Who still operate with “Wizdows”? We are getting zillions of angry calls daily in our customer service department complaining that the Wand is not responding and needs a restart. I once received a call from that fairy who had her magic hanging half way. How embarrassing was it to ask her to wait till the system update is complete. It ended up with a catastrophe and she lost her client. That little poor girl, Cinderella, got half the promised magic, only half the pumpkin is turned into carriage, only half the rats into horses, and well only half of the dress. When the fairy was shouting on the phone, I wanted to kill myself. Thats it. I can’t take it anymore. I am still in my 300s, and I still have the guts to take the risk. I made up my mind. I will apply to the e-Sorcerathon contest.

But I need to come up with a unique idea, that one idea that will change the world forever..FOREVER (hahahah). *No that sounded too medieval. Youth should use a different language. More casual and chic scariness*

Think..Think..Think..Problem is all good ideas are taken. Every idea I think of, turns to be already implemented. Take for example that bright idea to turn Aladdin’s lamp into an electronic service. You can call the genie online. Even that app for the genies to navigate through roads and check traffic on spot. That is taken too. The G Maps.

Am out of ideas, really. Okay. Let me try something else. I believe good ideas can be sparked by interacting with people, listening to their problems, and trying to come up with out-of-the-box solution to their problems. So, let me get back to the incoming calls. “Hi. Good morning. How can I help you?” Uhm..So, you want to check again if you are most beautiful of all? Did you say: “Mirror Mirror on the wall..Am I the most beautiful of all”? Ah, the magical mirror is not responding? OK, one minute please, let me log in to the system. Give me one more minute. System is slow today..but we are almost there. *Talking to self: I need to take this chance now. It is now or never* Hello, yes mam, this is me again. No the system is still processing. But I wanted to check with you another option. How about if you have an app that gets you an automatic notification whenever someone is prettier than you. No, no, it doesn’t have the option to automatically terminate her. You need to send her to hell your way. It’s just a notification from our side, and maybe some suggestions. So what you say? Would you be interested to have such a smart service? Awesome! No it is not ready yet. Will be ready soon, and will let you then. Bye.

Eureka! This is it. This will be my big idea! Am so ready for the Sorcerathon.

Dear Judges, respected VCs, and devil investors,

I came today with this smart app that will not only serve envious queens who are obsessed with being forever young and beautiful. But it can also work for any kind of obsession. Say for example, a Toastmaster who is obsessed with being the forever best speaker. Instead of having to go through the painful process of uttering: “Mic. Mic. on the podium. Am I more eloquent than rest of them?” and then having to wait till the system processes the request and check all the records in the database. This app can send automatic notifications and also maybe some  suggestions on how to beat them forever.. So, anyone interested to give it a try?

Note: this was my speech for the Tall Tale contest of the Dubai Toastmasters Club 2016. Photo credit to my TM fellow: Bosco Mascarenhas


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