Free to Dream..Free to Live..Free to Express..Free to Blossom

From The Diaries of A Butterfly

CHAPTER 1: (From the Cocoon into A Butterfly)

When I first emerged into life I thought I would have a whole beautiful world to discover. I thought that I can fly randomly among the vigorous fields. And I can sing loudly and dance freely under the rain. And that it is safe to go in an unplanned trip amid the mist just to discover a new destination when the sun shines back again. And if I ever lost my way, then I would find tens of flowers ready to extend their arms for me. I had the confidence of that of the king-of-the-world. I even dared to dream that I can change this world. I was ready to fly eighty times around the earth, non-stop. But even before I could complete a single-digit number of rounds I have decided to go back into my cocoon.


CHAPTER 2: (Back into the Cocoon)

It is not that I find this world a boring place. But I have honestly lost my desire, energy, and courage to delve into it. Yes I do confess that I have made many awkward mistakes, like the time when I rushed to what I thought a source of light, but ended up burning my wing with that blazed fire. But, the reactions of the world to my actions were too much to take. With every feedback or comment like: ”don’t you see?”, “can’t you understand?.. Loser“, my wings shrank smaller. With every resonating laughter on my many falls, my muscles went weaker. With every fact-stating advice to “forget about this”, and “never thought of that” because it is “too high for you to try or too hard for you to attempt”, I grew a taller hunchback. With every sign raised into my face that reads “Careful! Taboo ahead ”, my steps grew heavier. And with every pre-destined map with exact paths to trace and every ready recipe with exact steps to follow, my intuitive navigation system was turning into an automated one. I don’t want to be the-king-of-the-world anymore. I cannot change anything in this world. And may be I shouldn’t. For I am too small and too dumb to try. Just leave me alone in my quite, warm, and secure cocoon.


CHAPTER 3: (The Butterfly Rising…)

It was not until I overheard in the news that the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier had erupted a tornado, that my eyes sparkled and grew wide again. My whole senses awakened to that piece of news that turned out to be just a metaphor coined by some human scientist to explain his new theory called “The butterfly effect”. But in all cases, it revived my hope and confidence again. I started to pick the positive signs around. Yes there exist many caring wings behind ready to flap strongly to give us the push we need. And yes I can. I can step out of my cocoon. I can fly higher. I can go further.  I can make a change. Even with my tiny size and my humble tools, I can be something, and I can leave a unique print, no matter how small..”


At that much, I closed the book and fell into a deep sleep before I could finish reading “The Diaries of A Butterfly” and before I could know what happened with this free-spirited butterfly. May be she succeeded in finding her way in this world, or may be she failed again. But when I woke up, one thought was occupying my mind:

How many people were born like butterflies but have ended up in heavy cocoons?

Manal Rayess

Note: This was my Speech #4 at Dubai Toastmasters Club, meeting #542. It won the meeting’s Best Speaker trophy. It is one of the most favorite pieces I wrote.


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