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The Butterfly that Flapped in Syria

The flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly many weeks earlier in Brasilia had erupted a tornado in Manila.

This is only a metaphor of course to explain the “Butterfly Effect” theory. It states that small changes in one system can hugely change the state of the larger system.

I believe that this is exactly what is happening in this world which is becoming crazier and unsafer place everyday. And the butterfly this time happened to be in Syria. It is causing tornados all around the world. And yet, it keeps on its state of denial and refuses to take a firm collective action that would stop this craziness that is resulting in atrocities.
There are war crimes happening daily and every hour is Syria, many of which pass silently only because big powers (Russia & Iran) are behind it.

This shameless lack of action against some war criminal who had used even Chemical weapons, had caused turbulence and mess, which in turn attracted every nut with criminal tendencies and distorted ideology.

The flapping of that butterfly could have resulted in soft breezes of springs, but when you let one crazy dictator to set huge fires to burn its wings, then not only tornados will erupt but also volcanos. And no place on earth would be safe!



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