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Ctrl + Alt + Del

Have you ever felt that there exist two separate worlds living next to each other inside you, and that you keep bouncing between them relentlessly at the same time? That you are doing something, but wish you are doing something else?

If yes, then it may just the time to hit your Ctrl + Alt + Del function and go through a self restart!

While heading in her formal business attire to her office with a serious look on her face, a magical red transparent apostrophe passes in front of her and reveals what her other self is doing at this very same moment at this very same place but in her wish world: she was dancing ballet freely and happily. You may have seen this as part of the Dubai One famous promo and you may even have encountered similar feelings as that businesswoman who was working behind her pc monitor when the magical apostrophe passes and reveals that she was actually shopping in her wish world, or as that student who was holding his books but behind the magical apostrophe he was just playing guitar.

It is not just a smart marketing promo by a creative TV channel. But it actually relates to a common personal aspiration shared by many: that secret wish that these two worlds existing inside us come together as one, that the life we actually live is the same as the life we wish to live, that our work is our passion, and our passion is our work. But is there a way around, other than dreaming of a magical device? You may say that it is beyond my control, or that I don’t really have alternatives, or it is too late to reverse the course of past actions and decisions. But wait a second, did I hear the words “Control”, “Alternatives”, and “Deletion of past actions”? Ctrl+Alt+Del. Well, it may be that this three-finger salute is the contemporary equivalent of wiping that magical oriental lamp of Aladdin that turns dreams into reality. Yes, it may be true that we can perform some self Restart or seek a new start only if we hit the right keys. So let us try to explore these magical command keys.

“Control” is the first command. The more we manage to have control over what we do have,  what is actually important to us, and what we are really responsible for instead of craving for power over what we don’t have, the happier we will be. For me, surfing higher and new skies of knowledge through reading and books gave me more control over myself and my thoughts and helped me to define my priorities and find what really matters to me.

“Alt”, the second command key, is about seeking alternatives. Always there is a way if we believe so. So, open every window and keep an open eye on every opportunity. May be sometimes you need to create the right circumstances instead of waiting for the right moment to come. But if you plant it in your head and live it in your heart, then it will come, and when it comes, your eyes will be able to recognize the opportunity in it and seize it.

And finally, having your beautiful garden of dreams doesn’t only involve seeding and planting fruitful trees, but it also involves extracting weeds and setting up high fences in the face of ominous winds of negativity and voices of discouragement. Don’t be afraid to eliminate or limit the influence of sources of negativity in your life.


Luckily, living in the 21st century doesn’t require any more magic. You no more need a genie that tells you: “your wish is my command”. You have the keys of command, so go ahead and realize your wish world.

Manal Rayess

*This was my Toastmasters Speech# 2 in the Dubai Toastmasters Club 7492, Meeting #528, on 4th Jan 2016. Theme of the Day was “Movies”.




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