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#LifeWins is What We Actually Need

WordPress, Ted, YouTube, The White House, MasterCard, HTC, Uber, Snickers, and even Keloggs have joined the #LoveWins celebration.
I truly thought it is the world rainbow day! Another big chunk of the world crossed a controversial, extreme, and incomprehensible space where the boundary between ultimate freedom of choice and social chaos is blurred!
Would this make the world a better place? Not for me. Not for us in this region. To be objective, I would say I don’t know about the rest of the world. But it seems that there is a huge gap between the two regions on what is culturally and socially acceptable. Here we don’t need eccentric forms of “love”! We simply need to fulfil our humanity. We need a world without thugs who rule countries while the world let go on war crimes and crimes against humanity such as torturing children and inhumane torture of detainees. A world without Assad (and without ISIS), to start with is what we need. It will then take us few decades later to cure the trauma, then few more decades to recognize that we are humans with dignity and rights but who also exercise those rights in civilized way as citizens who have a say in the personal, economical, social, and political life while respecting the law and their fellow citizens. Then will take us some more centuries to understand that we need to live in harmony despite the differences to thrive in a world where no ethnicity, faction, or ideology is in a continuous struggle to conquer it all. And when we would have some stable personalities, peace of mind, and some decent living, then we will have some extra room for luxury that we would feel emotional towards even the right of pets. By then when we could finally reach a stage to feel that ‪#‎LifeWins‬, and that we are ready to discover more ways of how to make love wins, we could be struck by the news of a meteor traveling fast towards the planet.

By this I am not, by any means, denying the right of other people, at any place on the globe and at any time, to gain the rights they demand by the rule of law. I am only shedding light on the cultural differences in perception and highlighting the real priorities based on the current challenges we face in a country like Syria.

But I also can’t hide that I wish it never came a day on this region where we witness a similar legislation. I can’t deny that the idea of having a similar movement here fills me with discomfort. The question of: “what is the next bar to be raised?” fills me with concern. But as I said, the battle we need to win now is the one to gain the life we deserve first.


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