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في يوم المرأة: إلى هيباتيا

للحب في مواجهة الكره، للعلم في مواجهة تجارة الوهم، للجمال في مواجهة بشاعة الاستغلال لخدمة مصالح شخصية بالنفوذ والتسلط.. للمرأة العالمة، الحرة، الإنسانة، المناضلة.. ما يلي مشهد صغيرتخيلته على لسان … Continue reading

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صدئٌ هذا المرفأ مذ غادرته الدهشة الأولى لعناق الموج الهادر.. لا صخب للموج هذا الصباح، ككل صباح في آخر مائة عام.. متعبٌ جداً ذاك المركب، كصدر القبطان المثخن.. بالتبغ الجائر. … Continue reading

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In the New Year: 1 > 1,000,000

I remember one time when I was small, I wanted to take one particular action but I hesitated and I kept saying to my self “but what if this happened..?”, … Continue reading

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A Tall Tale: The Wizardpreneur

This is the age of technology, innovation, and bright ideas. It’s time to think big, think differently, and let the local magic go global. Young generation should be driven by … Continue reading

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From The Diaries of A Butterfly

CHAPTER 1: (From the Cocoon into A Butterfly) When I first emerged into life I thought I would have a whole beautiful world to discover. I thought that I can … Continue reading

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The Butterfly that Flapped in Syria

The flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly many weeks earlier in Brasilia had erupted a tornado in Manila. This is only a metaphor of course to explain the … Continue reading

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Tic-Tac-Toe: Your Guide to Be Best Player in Life

Two things that can differentiate one culture from another: the games invented by men, and the food dishes invented by women. But of all inventions the mankind experienced, since its … Continue reading

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